What is The Gospel Reconciliation Summit

What is GRS?

The Gospel Reconciliation Summit (GRS) is a one or two day event, that is held two or three times a year that is designed to unite the segregated church in America. This event is is a combination of what we call “Live Host Sites” and “Streaming Host Sites”. This means that you can attend an event and their might be some live teaching happening at that location that get sent to any number of other locations through live stream. This also means, that you may be a site that is solely live streaming the event to a local location.

Why is GRS so Important?

The Church in America is 98% mono-ethnic. This means that 98% of the churches in America have less than 20% minority membership or attendance. So this means that only two percent of the churches we have in America have two of ten people that represent a different ethnic background.¬†You may think that this isn’t a big deal, but when 39% of the population in the united states is represented by minorities we feel like those numbers for the church should look a lot different.

We know that there are pockets of people in our country that are mono-ethnic. In those cases and only in those cases should our churches settle being mono-ethnic. The church should look like the city or community it is placed in. For instance, if there is a city with a black population of 50% we would hope that the local churches would get close to representing that number as well.

We know we are working with ideals, but we believe the gospel is represents and presents the ideal life. The Gospel is all about reconciliation. Jesus took all the was broken and messed up with humanity and reconciled it to himself in order that we might have a complete and new life. One of the things Jesus died to reconcile was the nations and races. He did this in order that His kingdom might come to earth as it is in heaven.

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